I'm an artist, designer, and explorer originally from Toronto, Canada. I moved here a couple years ago from Boston, MA — my home for several years — to Berkeley, CA.  I've always been a maker — cutting and pasting, painting and assembling. I like bold colors and clean designs.

I've spent a lot of time traveling about; my favorite places are in South, and South East Asia where colors are vibrant and abundant. As much as I'm a city gal, I love exploring the great outdoors and its variety of patterns, textures and shapes. 

After working in New Media Design for a few years, I turned back to hands-on messy art work. I made a collection of hand-painted paper collage-paintings and then transitioned some of those graphics into shirt designs. I'm a self-taught screen-printer and have just learned along the way. 

For my clothing, I use the highest quality water-based inks that are non-toxic and solvent-free, and print onto both organic and conventional cotton. I never use chemical cleaners and use as little water as possible. I am aware the social and environmental impact of the garment industry, and I am committed to providing premium, long-lasting clothing from sweat-shop free manufacturers. I put a lot of care and attention into each one of my shirts; some aspects of my designs are hand-painted. I'm enjoying the evolution of my work and hope it continues to be fun and light-hearted. 

As of January 2017, I have a studio at the wonderful Makers Workspace in West Berkeley.

I've participated in some really great fairs and festivals in New England, including Bazaar Bizarre and SoWa in Boston, ArtBeat Somerville, and Picnic in Portland, Maine. I've exhibited here in the Bay Area with SF Bazaar, Maker Faire, SF Etsy, and the Patchwork Show.

I'm also an abstract painter. You can also see more on my Instagram. I have a website dedicated to this work. I have finally created a separate Instagram account for mainly my screen printing and design work. In the coming months I'll be switching around my URLs too. Sorry if this causes any temporary confusion. Transitioning things is hard!

When I'm not in my art studio, you can find me in a yoga studio. I've been a dedicated practitioner for over 15 years. I taught in the Boston/Cambridge area for several years before moving westward.

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