Artist Statement

I have explored painting throughout my adult life in different ways -- first collage and acrylic painting, and then hand-painted paper collages that were very graphical and geometric. While working as a graphic and web designer, I taught myself screen-printing, which led to my line of hand-printed apparel.

I've been making versions of abstract paintings in recent years that involve expressive gestures, vibrant colors, and a combination of different media and techniques. I use tool like squeegees to scrape and layer paint. This stems from my work screen-printing in the business that I run. I also incorporate drips and paint splatter, as well as illustration and collage.

My work is playful and spontaneous, but also planned and carefully made. It tends to manifest and evoke natural elements while also feeling mysterious and fleeting. I enjoy developing and experimenting with relationships between color, forms, and movement in my paintings. There is a deep feeling of transformation and change. This is something I am always trying to feel at peace with outside of my painting experience.

I have traveled a lot, mand have moved many cities and countries over the years. Between my extended stays in South East Asia and finding homes in the US, painting serves to ground me. All the movement from place to place and my on-going personal explorations are always informing what I make. Part of my settling process is to convey my experence through this visual realm.



An Li Liu was born in Guelph, Ontario Canada and lived in Toronto for over a decade before moving to the US. She resided in Boston, MA for several years, and then moved to Berkeley in 2014. She attended the University of Toronto majoring in Cinema Studies and Religion. An Li also studied New Media Design and worked in the industry as a web and graphic designer. She is a traveller at heart having traversed much of South and South East Asia where colors and energies are very potent. An Li delved into yoga practices with a special interest in Buddhist philosophy and then became a yoga instructor herself several years ago. While An Li took formal art classes in University, she is mainly a self-taught artist with many influences — everything from sublime landscapes and atmospheres to city energy and our shared existential conditions.